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Sometimes human places create inhuman monsters.

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Nicknames: Michel, Death Boss, Undie Boss, "Undie" [Ginko-only] 
Birthdate: November 15, 1982 
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio / Water Dog
Guardian Dragon: Luminous 
Height/Weight: 185 cm (6'3") / 62 kg (136 lbs)
Bloodtype: O
Occupation: Junior at Kasugayama High School
Arcana: Death
Elemental Affinity: Water
Starting PERSONA: Rhadamanthus 
Ultimate PERSONA: Hades 
Weapons: Machinegun concealed in a guitar case
Appearance: Very tall and slim
Idle Animation: Narcissistically hugging himself and striking poses 
Likes: Writing songs, singing, posing
Favorite Sports: None (he hates getting sweaty)
Favorite Subjects: Art
Family: Father (Kankichi Mishina, sushi chef at Gatten Sushi), Mother (she's plump like Eikichi once was)
Talents: Can tell when people are lying (...then why can't he tell when his dad's lying?), portraiture 
Favorite Foods: Melon, Salad (he's a vegetarian because meat would make him fat; he's on a perpetual diet)
Hated Foods: Sushi, fatty meat
Phobias: His father (just hearing his voice scares him), his mother (he's afraid he'll be fat like his mother), fish (hates the look of dead fish eyes, the smell...) 
Dream: To have his "debut" as the lead singer of Gas Chamber and to become a rock star 
Games: Main party character in Innocent Sin; NPC in Eternal Punishment
Theme: Luv Beam 
Voice Actor: Kousuke Toriumi (JP), Troy Baker (EN)


When Eikichi was about 6 years old, he met a bunch of other children playing "Phoenix Ranger Featherman" at Alaya Shrine and he joined them as the Yellow Owl. (In this game all the kids wore masks, so they never saw one another's faces.) He was a chubby, shy boy who stuttered a lot and liked to draw manga. He was always clumsy and dorky when they played together, but he loved his friends because playing with them allowed him to be someone else, someone who could do what he enjoyed without being teased for it. He also loved the middle-school girl, Big Sis, who came to play with them, and he was devastated when Big Sis announced that she was going to move away and couldn't come play with the Masquerade any more. Eikichi, Lisa, and Jun decided that if they locked Big Sis in Alaya overnight, she couldn't leave them. When Tatsuya protested, they locked him in with her, and left, intending to return the next day and let them out.


When the three returned the next day, Alaya had been burnt to the ground, so they thought they had killed Big Sis and Tatsuya! Horrified, the three remaining children hid the five Masquerade masks in their hideout in Mt. Iwato and went their separate ways, forcing themselves to forget what had happened.


According to the lounge TV on 11/16 in Persona 3, Eikichi ends up training to take over the sushi shop. (A young man in his twenties with blue hair and a guitar case, whose birthday was the day prior.)


Eikichi lives in a sushi shop, but he hates sushi (his hatred of sushi is based on Kazuma Kaneko's hatred of sushi and all kinds of seafood.)

His school uniform is blue because Kaneko wanted a different color than the Sevens and Hermelin uniforms, so he picked the "color of spring" (blue) for KasuKou. ("Kasugayama" = "Spring Day Mountain")

He has an after-school job in a "live house" - a club with live music.

With his makeup off, he unfortunately looks just like his dad.

Eikichi's dad would throw a fit if he knew how Eikichi dressed, so everyday Eikichi sneaks out of his home, goes to a public restroom, dyes his hair blue, puts on his makeup and modifies his uniform, and then goes to school. On the way home, he reverses the process (although how can Kankichi not see his black nail polish?) and Kankichi is apparently oblivious to his son's daily transformations. (Eikichi's mom doesn't seem to mind; she's apparently the type who'd go, "My, my, isn't that nice!" and smile.)


Eikichi is the infamous "Death Boss" of Kasugayama High School, the boys' school for juvenile delinquents. He's called that partially due to his reputation as a badass, and partially because he assumed that had the unique ability to summon a reaper to help him fight. (His first summoning call is "Let's go, Shinigami!" instead of the usual "Persona.") He claims to protect the weak from bullying in Kasugayama, and is both feared and respected at both schools. However, he's also picked up the unfortunate nickname "Undie Boss", due to his habit of pantsing his defeated enemies.

The most distinctive thing about Eikichi, besides his narcissism, is his visual-kei style: pale, flamboyant, with a lot of makeup and rings and jewelry. (That thing Eikichi wears isn't a skirt, by the way - it's a long "tunic" under his uniform top.) With visual kei, the look and style is FULLY as important as the music. Basically, it's the least-traditional thing around...so Eikichi is stuck as the very modern son of a very traditional sushi chef.

Eikichi also uses a LOT of "Engrish" in the Japanese version of the game, because English is "cool". Unlike Ellie, who is presumably fluent and uses English words in roman letters, Eikichi's speech is peppered with random english phrases in katakana: "MAI SUIITO SUIITO HANII", "OKEI EBURIBADII", "MAI FURENZU", "BEIBII", and so on. In the English version of the game, he uses French for the same reason.

Eikichi is loud, brash, and emotional, in contrast to the quiet, reserved Tatsuya. Eikichi is always loudly declaring what he feels about a situation or a person. He's always fighting with Ginko because, really, they're more alike in personality than either would like to admit. Eikichi's narcissism isn't really because he thinks so highly of himself - he's actually very sensitive and has a very low self esteem, so he overcompensates with his "super-cool rock god Michel" act. He's trying to become the complete opposite of how he was when he was a little kid - fat, shy, and dorky - so he overreacts when anyone reminds him of how he was.

Eikichi, despite his tough reputation, is probably the nicest guy in Tsumi. He's incredibly devoted to his friends and will do anything to help them, and he blames himself if anything happens to them. For example, when Ginko is upset and depressed, he does his best to cheer her up and says he's there for her. In Tsumi, Sugimoto was a Boss Fight because he kidnapped Miyabi. But in Batsu, Eikichi breaks into a lab and risks his life to save Sugimoto, just because Eikichi is the school Boss and he feels that it's his duty to take care of all his classmates, even the annoying ones who want to kill him.

He has a band called Gas Chamber, whose logo he personally designed and wears around his left arm. The other band members are his childhood friends Shogo, Ken, and Takeshi, and they practice in Sumaru Prison after school. Eikichi's always ranting about how awful they sound, and Ken meekly reminds him that they haven't played instruments since they were kids - but Eikichi still thinks they'll have their big "debut" soon. (In Japan and other parts of Asia, indie bands have their "debut" at a "live house" - a club with live music. That's how you climb up the ranks to stardom, but there's this terminology specific to that part of the world.) He, of course, claims that his lyrics and vocals are good enough on their own to make the band famous.


...with Miyabi Hanakouji In elementary school, a lot of kids made fun of Eikichi for being a fat, stuttering nerd who liked to draw comics. Pretty, popular Miyabi Hanakouji was his best friend, so the other kids got jealous of him and pulled down his pants in front of Miyabi. To add insult to injury, someone told him that Miyabi hated fat people. His ego was essentially squished into the sidewalk by this double-whammy, and he underwent a massive weight-loss/image makeover program. He became a vegetarian and worked out to lose the weight, and he started dressing like a visual rock star and kicking people's asses to erase the image of him as a chubby, shy loser. To get revenge on the people who embarrassed him in front of Miyabi, he'd pull down the pants of everyone he beat up.


But he didn't recognize Miyabi when he met her again; she was fat and went by the nickname "Hanaji" in Japanese (nosebleed - a pun on her name "Hanakouji" and a reference to the curious event when she got a nosebleed in the girls' locker room) or "Kozy" in English (again, a pun on "Hanakouji") and didn't tell him her real name. Even so, he kind of liked her, and wasn't at all upset to find out that she was really Miyabi, despite the teasing he got from Sugimoto. Miyabi, however, now felt unworthy of him. 

...with Kankichi Mishina Eikichi's dad is a sushi chef at the Gatten Sushi. Eikichi is terrified by his very old-fashioned dad, especially because Kankichi pretends that he knows 18 forms of martial arts - "including capoeira!" Eikichi knows his dad won't like his visual kei interests, and knows that his dad wants him to take over the Gatten Sushi one day, so he lives in fear of his dad kicking his ass. 

...with Lisa Silverman His most interesting relationship in the group is with Lisa. They are ALWAYS at each other's throats, insulting and yelling at each other. They even gave each other insulting pet names - Ginko calls him "Undie Boss" and he's the one who nicknamed her "Ginko" ("Gin" = "silver", as in her last name, and he knew she'd hate a Japanesenickname). But, despite their constant bitching and fighting, they're always the first to leap to each other's defense. Eikichi frets and worries when he knows Ginko's alone with a possible Masquerade Executive - Prince Taurus - and wants to run and rescue her, but Tatsuya stops him. Likewise, Ginko's the one who really wants to jump in and stop Sugimoto from beating Eikichi up, but, again, Tatsuya stops her. I really like them together; they bring out aspects of each other you wouldn't see normally. Without each other, Ginko would probably seem like an annoying Tatsuya-obsessed fangirl, and Eikichi would seem like an annoying egotistical poseur. So their relationship is really important in that sense; it fleshes out their characters. 

...with Tatsuya Suou Eikichi basically views Tatsuya as his rival - they're both tall, skinny, good-looking guys. Tatsuya also can play the guitar! And Eikichi has a band! How convenient! 

...with Jun Kurosu Apparently when Jun entered Kasugayama, rumors quickly spread about this scary transfer student who would seriously maim you if you picked a fight with him. Eikichi, as the self-appointed leader of the students, went to check out the new kid, decided that he was "harmless", and promised to "protect him". Hee!

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(How the front entrance looks.)

Located near Lake Niras, Jade Dragon Bathhouse and Spa is exactly what its name implies, but with East Asian themes. That being said, customers are not allowed to be clothed when in the bathing/wet area. Of course, men and women have their own separate bathing areas for that reason, but there are also dry areas where clothing provided by the spa is worn and there is general mingling. So guests who are shy, or just don't want to be naked around other people, may refrain from entering the wet areas of the bathhouse and just enjoy the dry area if that is what they wish.

Now, there are certain customs and unspoken rules when it comes to East Asian public bathhouses, so to help customers who are unfamiliar with said customs and rules, Yao made a pamphlet that explains them all. They can be found in a neat pile on the front desk.

This establishment was owned by Yao Wang (China), who wanted to bring some more Eastern themes to Verens. Eikichi merely decided to take it over. Public bath houses in East Asia tend to attract many tourists, so why not build one here too? While China drew the blueprints, he also received help from the Otherworlders and natives in actually building the pools. To honor those who helped, their names are engraved in the wall behind the front desk, so that everyone who comes in will see them. Along with the names of the native NPCs, the Otherworlder names on the wall are:

Yao Wang
Dazai Osamu
Kunikida Doppo
Lu Meng

(If China-mun missed anyone, please let me know so I can add your names. She used the ones that were listed on the task board along with those who told me out-of-game that their characters were helping with the construction.)

The facility gets its heating from the use of multiple fire cores. There is one in the water heater and each heated sauna room has its own fire core. Meanwhile, the main source of water comes from the nearby lake through a filtered channel system, but there are also water cores stored within the water tanks in the basement.

Customers will pay for admission at the front desk. The cost depends on which areas you plan to enter. For both the bathing and dry areas, the fee is 20 sylvs. If you plan on using just one area, it's 10 sylvs. You will be handed some generic clothing--a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, both red in color--if you pay the 20 sylvs, or 10 for just the dry area as this is the unisex clothing meant to be worn where there is general mingling. If you plan on using the bathing areas, then you will also receive one folded washcloth, one folded towel, and a small basket, which you can use to hold your personal shampoo and soap (if you brought it; if not, you can purchase some from the spa).

Customers will also be given a locker key on a coiled band with a number on it, which should be worn like a bracelet so it's less likely to be lost or forgotten. From this point, male and female customers go their separate ways. The first thing they'll see are rows of smaller lockers meant for their shoes. Just find the one with the same number that's on the key. From there you'll enter a room with more rows of lockers, but bigger; these are where any personal belongings should be stored, including your clothes. Once again, find the locker that has the same number as your key.

Bathing Area & Showers )

Dry Area/Saunas )

How Do Emotions Affect the Baths and Saunas? )

Dim Sum )

[OOC: This was all written by by the previous owner of the establishment.]